Feb 23, 2016

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Why Ultralight Gear is So important for Mountaineering...

Mountaineering is no doubt one of the greatest test of physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Without all these three working harmoniously together, it can be quite a challenge to survive regular mountaineering trips. Preparations for the physical challenge happens to be the easier part of mountaineering. There are countless of preparation workouts that can be done to ensure that you are fit enough for a long, grueling trail. The greater challenge is how to be emotionally and mentally prepared for mountaineering. Part of this is being wise enough when it comes to packing. The Importance of Packing Light You have probably heard and read about this already: pack light during a mountaineering event. However, what you probably haven’t learned yet is how it can be easier said than done. For first time mountaineers, it’s highly tempting to be overly prepared. There is definitely nothing wrong with this. After all, the gears can make or break a mountaineering trip. Take for instance bringing a tent with a missing rod, or forgetting a pair of socks. From the simplest to the most complex gear, it’s crucial to have everything all in. But, how can you bring all the essentials while keeping your bag light? This is where ultralight camping gears comes into scene. It was exactly due to this need to keep the mountaineering luggage as light as possible that several brands released their own light of ultralight gears. These include tents, water bottles, sleeping bags, inflatable beds, and even bags. Going for ultralight gears allows you to pack all the essentials without compromising the comfort of the entire trek. The best thing about these ultralight gears is that they were also made to be fully functional. For instance, there are ultralight sleeping beds that are not only quick-dry, but also have thermal features to achieve the right temperature wherever you are. For your first mountaineering trip, make sure to invest on ultralight gears, right away. It will make your trek more comfortable and memorable. Plus, these gears are proven to be long-term investments,...

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Dec 26, 2015

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Reliable Watches for the Outdoors

You have to understand that not all watches can handle the outdoors. Especially for those who are into some extreme outdoor adventure like mountaineering, rock climbing and trekking. It is important that you wear the right kind of watch that can withstand the outdoor challenges. If you are into some outdoor sports, you need to find the toughest and the most reliable watches that you can wear. But how are we able to know which one is the toughest and what are the best factors to consider? Read on and we’ll try to check out some of the reliable watches around and how to know if it works for you. What to Consider? Talking about the toughest watches, how can we define the word tough? Is it the material that it is made of? There are many factors that encompass the best outdoor watch.  First is its quality. But how are you able to know its quality by simply looking at it. The answer is to check out its brand. There are some watches brands that are topping the market today. They are known to offer the best quality watches that come with the price. Next is to consider all the features added. All watches are mainly designed to show the time and date. But most outdoor watches have added more advanced features that will help outdoor enthusiasts to survive. Some of the features include, a GPS, automatic alarm, speed and laps reading and water resistant. All these can make your life easy, and you’ll get what you want in a single gadget. Some Toughest Watches Just to give you a better idea of the options that you have, here are some of the known toughest watches to check out. Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER Watch This watch is known for its reliability. Design with tons of features that can be a perfect out watch. It’s a great digital watch that can monitor all the changes in the earth’s magnetism, the atmospheric pressure as well as the temperature. All its features are combined to make it easier for you to survive outdoors. Luminox Colormark Watch For those who are into some outdoor water sports, this is a perfect watch to have. It is made for professional marine activity work, water resistant and tough enough to...

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Dec 21, 2015

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The Best Scopes For Mountain Hunting

Hunting in the mountains is never easy. You need to overcome some hindrances for you to bring home your hunting price. One important thing that you have to resolve is to get a good vision and sight to your target. When you’re out in the mountains, your visibility will be affected by too much light or even by all the plants, trees and branches around. That’s the main reason why you need to get the best rifle scope...

Dec 5, 2015

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Appropriate Times to Carry a Pellet Gun for Protection in the Mountains...

Appropriate Times to Carry a Pellet Gun for Protection in the Mountains

Our safety is always our number one concern, especially when you’re going to unfamiliar places like the mountains. Many people would choose to carry a pellet gun when they go to the mountains, not for hunting, but for their protection and to defend themselves. However, the snag about carrying a pellet gun in the mountains is the legality behind such weapon. Many people have reported to use their pellet guns illegally such as shooting wildlife animals or pulling...

Sep 8, 2015

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History of Mountaineering

History of Mountaineering

The term mountaineering is nowadays referred to, predominantly extreme, sport of climbing mountaintops, generally divided into three categories (according to the type of surface which is being used for climbing): rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing, since the used surface can be rock, snow or ice. Every one of them requires high levels of training and athletic ability, combined with a lot of experience and the best possible equipment in order to maintain safety. Danger is a constant when being...

Sep 8, 2015

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General Facts About Mountaineering

General Facts About Mountaineering

          Throughout human history big and snowy mountain tops were unreachable and therefore mysterious, which gave them godlike abilities or they were considered as actual habitats of deities. The most famous example from mythology comes from ancient Greece where Mount Olympus remained respected for centuries as “the home of the gods”. Nevertheless, human curiosity was stronger than fear and brave men have risked their health and their lives in order to reach even the most dangerous of mountain...