Dec 5, 2015

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Appropriate Times to Carry a Pellet Gun for Protection in the Mountains

Appropriate Times to Carry a Pellet Gun for Protection in the Mountains

Our safety is always our number one concern, especially when you’re going to unfamiliar places like the mountains. Many people would choose to carry a pellet gun when they go to the mountains, not for hunting, but for their protection and to defend themselves.


However, the snag about carrying a pellet gun in the mountains is the legality behind such weapon. Many people have reported to use their pellet guns illegally such as shooting wildlife animals or pulling the trigger in someone else’s property which is considered a legal offense.  Although there’s no need to get a license when carrying a pellet gun, you still need to follow certain rules when carrying it.

Legal Issues

The only way to be safe when carrying an air rifle or a pellet gun is to follow the rules and what the law dictates. A certain Act was created that covers the carrying of air guns to minors, meaning those below the age of 18. At some instance, minors will be allowed to borrow the gun and the ammunition with corresponding supervision. But they are not allowed to buy and own a pellet gun.

Another thing that you have to consider is transporting an air gun. When transporting an air gun, it should be properly cased and unloaded. In some places, carrying it in a public place loaded is considered an illegal offense. You also have to make yourself familiar with the rules of a particular location you’re in before taking out a pellet gun and shoot.

When to carry them?

If you are looking for a defensive gun to protect you against the possible threats that lurks around the mountains, carrying a pellet gun might be a great idea. However, you need to have the idea about when and how you should carry it with you.

Using pellet gun and other air guns are getting popular for hunters these days. If you are to use a pellet for hunting in the mountains, then that’s quite a good idea. You just have to abide by the rules and regulations of the area you’re in. Know their hunting guidelines and make sure to follow them without exemption.

When you’re going to the mountains for a great hike and you wanted to keep yourself protected, having a good pellet gun might be a great idea, but it’s not really recommended unless you know that you’d be in an area where there’s a great possibility to bump across a wild boar or a deer or probably a snake. But make sure to carry it safe and refrain from pointing the barrel to anyone.


Carry the Right One

Of course you definitely know that pellet guns come in many different designs, sizes and power. It then makes a good sense if you know the best one to carry in the mountains. If you don’t have the intention of hunting huge, wild animals, then you don’t have to carry high powered pellet guns. You can ask your local gun shops for suggestions. The right pellet gun for you is the one that can protect you during the troubles and won’t hurt the animals or the people around you.

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