Jul 31, 2016

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Important Tactical Tools for Mountaineering

Important Tactical Tools for Mountaineering

Apart from your own stamina and endurance, the mountaineering hobby is also hugely about having the right tactical tools with you. Every seasoned mountaineer have their go-to gear already for the different types of mountain hikes that they are doing. They say it takes experience to know the right gear that works and last. But if you are new at mountaineering and want to start-up on collecting the right tactical tools, here is a list of mountaineering essentials that you need to have on your next climb:

  • Pocket knife – this foldable knife should be one of those few things you have in your pocket. It is foldable and a multi-functional knife which makes it a perfect gear for every hiker. You can use this knife for almost anything including cutting twigs, peeling fruits, slicing meat, and self-defense (when needed).
  • Headlight/Flashlight – you need to have both hand carry and attached light for proper illumination during night time. Chances are there will be no other sources of light in the campsite apart from the other camper’s own light. For your outmost convenient it helps to have your own reliable light source, as well. Besides, a good investment on headlights and flashlight will also come handy once you are ready to try a night hike. Choose the products using headlights to easily save on your battery.
  • Fire tools – there are already tactical tool packs for fire creation, which comes with matches in waterproof case, lighter, and sawdust. You can of course opt to buy these individually, just make sure that each of them were designed for a mountain hike.
  • Sleeping pads – don’t think that having your sleeping bag and tent is enough. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and harsh. So, it always pays to have extra insulation with you. A high-quality insulating sleeping pad will be able to ensure a good night rest by preventing the cold of the ground from seeping through your sleeping bag and cloth. It is also the ideal surface especially when it is raining.
  • Navigation tool – there is probably nothing that Google Map can’t find these days – except when you are in the middle of a mountain with no reliable signal. This is why magnetic compass and a topographic map still proves to be an essential tactical tool for mountaineers. They do not require signal, and they can provide more accurate directions around the trail.
  • Whistle – this often regarded less among the tactical preparations for a climb but consider yourself incomplete without a reliable camping whistle. This is the mountain’s most trusted form of communication. The fastest way to signal an SOS is through the whistle. So make sure to have this in stash in every climb.

Tactical tools for mountaineering need not be complicated. As a matter of fact, a trip to the mountains will really prompt us to go back to the basics. Putting all gadgets aside, and simply rely on the essential tools and elements like knives, fire, and maps.

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