Mar 16, 2017

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What You Need to Know Before You Go Mountain Hunting

If you have been itching to hunt with the best recurve bow, wait a while because there are a few things that you need to know. Aside from reading the best bow reviews, have you considered learning about hunting safety? Before you go out and start hunting, you have to consider personal safety because there is real danger in this activity. If you forget about safety precautions, you could potentially harm yourself and others.

Recurve Bow Hunting Safety Tips

Oftentimes, when first-time hunters rush to the hunt, injuries do occur. It’s either they hurt other people, or they hurt themselves. Two reasons are given by experts as to how accidents occur in a hunt: hunters are not acting safely in the tree stand or they release their arrows when they are not yet ready to shoot. You can stay safe in your hunting trip if you follow these tips.


  • If you want to hunt on a tree, make sure its strong enough to hold your weight. Look at how big the tree is, how big the branches are and decide whether you climb it or not. If you judge that the tree is indeed strong enough, don’t climb them with your bow and arrows in hand. Your hands should be free when you climb the tree. Attach a haul line to your equipment and just pull them up when you’re safe and secure in your position. As soon as you leave the ground, attach a fall arrest system and secure yourself on the tree. When you reach your final location, attach your safety harness to it and lift your gear to your position.
  • Try to avoid building a permanent tree hide. Eventually, the materials will weaken and that’s when most accidents happen. What is more, they clutter the area and damage the trees as well.
  • Use a quiver that has a cover for arrows and until you’re ready to shoot, keep it there. Most of the time, hunters hurt each other by mishandling their arrows. If your arrows are in your car, keep in its case.
  • Don’t rush when sharpening your broadheads. This should be razor sharp but make sure you don’t hurt yourself while handling them.
  • Make sure you have proper permits when hunting in a private property or using it as an access point in going to a public land. Make sure to observe boundaries and be sure not to enter restricted areas.
  • Avoid shooting a target that is beyond your maximum capacity. Be sure of your target and what’s behind it before releasing your arrow.

If you hit your target, watch it and mark the direction it took. Wait for 30 minutes before tracking your animal because by then it would be dead already. If you track it too soon, you would spook it and it might offer resistance and hurt you in the process. If your target is a deer or an elk, it would be dead within 30 minutes of getting hit.


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