Feb 23, 2016

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Why Ultralight Gear is So important for Mountaineering

Mountaineering is no doubt one of the greatest test of physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Without all these three working harmoniously together, it can be quite a challenge to survive regular mountaineering trips.

Preparations for the physical challenge happens to be the easier part of mountaineering. There are countless of preparation workouts that can be done to ensure that you are fit enough for a long, grueling trail. The greater challenge is how to be emotionally and mentally prepared for mountaineering. Part of this is being wise enough when it comes to packing.

The Importance of Packing Light

You have probably heard and read about this already: pack light during a mountaineering event. However, what you probably haven’t learned yet is how it can be easier said than done. For first time mountaineers, it’s highly tempting to be overly prepared. There is definitely nothing wrong with this. After all, the gears can make or break a mountaineering trip. Take for instance bringing a tent with a missing rod, or forgetting a pair of socks. From the simplest to the most complex gear, it’s crucial to have everything all in.

But, how can you bring all the essentials while keeping your bag light? This is where ultralight camping gears comes into scene. It was exactly due to this need to keep the mountaineering luggage as light as possible that several brands released their own light of ultralight gears. These include tents, water bottles, sleeping bags, inflatable beds, and even bags. Going for ultralight gears allows you to pack all the essentials without compromising the comfort of the entire trek.
The best thing about these ultralight gears is that they were also made to be fully functional. For instance, there are ultralight sleeping beds that are not only quick-dry, but also have thermal features to achieve the right temperature wherever you are.

For your first mountaineering trip, make sure to invest on ultralight gears, right away. It will make your trek more comfortable and memorable. Plus, these gears are proven to be long-term investments, too.

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